IoT in Retail

Retailers are revising their business strategy as the pandemic has reshaped consumer behaviors permanently. Retailers need to plan a better future which will suffice the short term and long term needs of their customers and their supply chain. Retailers are re-imagining their physical stores which is becoming more of a distribution centers and pick up at the curb.

These rapid changes are making retailers to rely more and more on driving data from smart sensors and predictive or prescriptive analytics. The need for real-time inventory detection and real data is driven by rapidly shifting market conditions.


  • Inventory Management
  • Stockroom to Front Store Visibility
  • Smart Fitting Rooms
  • Smart Point of Exit
  • Smart Point of Sale
  • Flexible on-demand warehousing
  • Distribution Center full RTLS or Choke Points
  • Supply Chain compliance. Tag at source

Benefits of IoT
in Retail

  • Real-time visibility of goods
  • Locate products quickly and accurately
  • Reduce out of stock
  • Seamless integration of critical data for procurement, marketing, store front and customer interaction data  offering actionable insights
  • Operational efficiencies and revenue growth
  • Track and monitor from production to transportation to distribution center to store front resulting in end-to-end visibility
  • Enable true Omni Channel