IoT in Manufacturing

Our Industry 4.0 solution enables smart manufacturing through integration of IoT sensing with AI powered decision engines customized for your environment. Acceliot automates the entire manufacturing process and provides tracking, traceability and visibility of all stationary and moving items.


  • Inventory Management
    - No re-manufacturing of parts when staff cannot find them in time for shipments
  • Work in Process
    - Productivity measurement and analysis
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personnel and Visitor Safety and Security
    - Includes access control

Smart Supply Chain

IoT is becoming the key differentiator for logistics and supply chain. At the core of a smart supply chain is RFID technology enabling error-free, real-time efficiency and visibility throughout your operations. Acceliot's advanced digital technology can automate your entire processes from production to warehousing, distribution and retail leading to greater efficiencies and streamline transactions among your suppliers, producers and customers as well as interactions between your employees and machines.

Asset Tracking

RFID can dramatically improve visibility, control and management of your assets, including returnable transport items (RTIs), tools, machinery, IT assets, enabling you to maximize their utilization and minimize asset pool investment.

Inventory Management

Accurate inventory is the key to Omni Channel and Ecommerce today. Not being able to count on the system inventory is costing companies lost sales. Our Smart Inventory solution uses RFID and other sensor technology to ensure a high inventory accuracy with minimal human interaction.

Asset Tracking

Managing and locating important assets is a key challenge for almost any business. Time spent searching for critical equipment can lead to expensive delays or down time, missed deadlines and customer commitments, and wasted labor.