IoT in Aerospace and Defense

The massive amount of data transactions required for the day to day operations of Aerospace and Defense organizations, automation of processes is not a choice but a necessity. The Internet of Things (IoT) has significantly changed the way these organizations operate.  The streamlining of the production is done through deployment of smart sensors, connected devices and by streamlining data collection and analysis and therefore actionable insights.  

Acceliot has extensive experience working with US military and major defense contractors to provide solutions for Supply chain management, Asset management, safety and security.   Our clients are brining operational efficiencies, cost reduction and increase safety in all areas of operations, engineering, maintenance, logistics,facility management and personnel tracking.  Our industrial IOT solutions improves operational efficiency, productivity,and the ability to support current and future operational needs.   In logistics and the supply chain they benefit from our Real Time Location Systems, inventory management tools and better coordination in traffic and fleet management.   Our facility management RFID sensors isdeployed for space optimization, energy conservation, security and safety.  


RFID mobile asset tracking systems help these hard and nails people simplify the process of stocking supplies and tools before their shifts. It also makes tracking down other fleet vehicles that have any specialized equipment required to complete a service call effortless.

RFID Weapons

We've broken down the barriers to successful, reliable, weapons tracking by overcoming limitations typically encountered with placing tracking chips in guns.


When you need to take multiple weapons out to another location, SkyRFID military trackable cases ensure all your weapons and other high value assets get to where they are supposed to go, intact and on time.