IoT in Data Centers

IT requirements scale beyond their on-premises capabilities, many companies are choosing to deploy infrastructure into one or more colocation facilities and interconnect with other companies and service providers housed in the same facilities to meet their needs.

As a result of growth of hyperscalers and colocation facilities it is now more critical than ever to improve utilization of capacity, reduce operating expenses, and increase staff productivity, while maximizing equipment availability and uptime. Acceliot's IoT solution for data centers can help to reach these objectives.

Asset Management

One would think the assets in a data center would be static and easy to monitor, but in practice, this isn’t the case. With the 10s of thousands of servers hosted in a typical data center facility, there is quite a bit of movement to maintain, repair, upgrade, and service hardware. As hardware is shuffled around, misplacement inevitably occurs often leading to wasted effort, time and cost trying to locate items. The right RFID solution can provide instant visibility to the location of all assets as well as provide valuable insights into critical functions such as temperature within server cabinets. Additionally, the solution can provide visibility as to which technician is servicing which cabinet including the amount of time spent with the cabinet door open.

Data Center
RFID Solutions

Acceliot DATA Center RFID solutions have a wide application in Data Centers due to a dense and mission critical assets which need to be tracked and traced with presence detection and RTLS.

  • Large stackable rows of racks and cabinets can be tracked in real time
  • Track movement of servers and cabinets and get real time inventory updates
  • Sensors are applied to Cabinets, racks, shelves, switches, servers, Blade servers, any network equipment, and a variety of rack mount cabinets
  • Presence, location, temperature and humidity data are reported to the platform software where inventory reports, predictive and prescriptive analytics can be generated offering clients actionable insights with smart alerts
  • Non line of Site capability of STAR system will register location of servers inside the cabinets even with cabinet door closed through “last Known Location” algorithm of MCON and therefore no asset is ever missed
  • The STAR system sensing infrastructure can monitor data center assets and provide real-time tracking and auditing of servers, equipment, and enclosures. It provides high resolution view of all assets throughout the data center. It can also provide historical data for any addition, changes, or movement of servers.