IoT in Automotive

Building ROI through workforce automation and total visibility through tracking of components, assemblies, tools and finished vehicles throughout warehouse operations, assembly lines and open yards


  • Work-in-Process
  • Parts Tracking
  • Tool Tracking
  • Yard Management
  • Traceability
  • Non-Conforming Material

Benefits of IoT in Automotive Industry

  • Integrated IoT platform enables real-time and accurate data of all assets in loading docks, manufacturing, logistics and shipping.  By aligning the physical data with ERP/WMS systems, teams can make intelligent business decisions.

Use Cases

  • A major US automotive manufacturer tracks 30,000 vehicles in open yards using the STARflex system reducing time to locate vehicles from days to minutes. By reducing labor effort, the need for contingent workforce was eliminated. Increased repair and final inspection workstation utilization.
  • European automotive manufacturer wanted to minimize manual processes, enable faster registration, optimize tracking and tracing of assets and reduce errors. Significant results were achieved through RTLS coverage of a 200,000 sq ft facility and smart gate solutions.